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Christianity is Universalist
08-20-2016, 10:19 AM
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Christianity is Universalist
Christianity is Universalist, in fact the word Catholic means universal. From the time of Saul, often called Paul, entered Rome and began to subvert the slave classes against the Roman aritstocracy, to the current epoch, the basic tenet of Christianity is acceptance of everybody. It is furthermore a Semitic origin ideology, it did not originate in Europe, it is foreign.

This is why we see so many Christian organizations, from North Dakota Lutherans, to Arizona Catholics, all accepting the foreign invasion by Jews, Mexicans, Africans, etc.

There are a few WN who try to make very small sects of Christianity to be only WN in beliefs, and they don't welcome anything universalist, but their worship of the Christian ideology is in itself universalist, accepting of outsiders, as Christ was not a European.

- Turbo Rabbit
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