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10-30-2015, 09:03 PM
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[Image: Phantom-Queen-Badb-164380695.jpg]

There are some that forgot that the Morrigan was also a mortal woman and that she had the same feeling that any other woman might have when they might meet someone they become attracted too. This happened to be the God CuChulainn the greatest warrior that Ireland has ever had.

Of course there is a tale to this , It seems that only by the Morrigan fighting Cuchulainn on three separate occasions that she was able to give him the power that he needed to win the battle, as only she could give so that he could press forward and bring a victory to his people. There is more to this tale of love for the Morrigan.

One day the Morrigan had approached the God Cuchulainn, who was the son of the God Lugh, and told him of her love for him. Well, as you probably can guess it didn't go very well. The Great God CuChulainn had not recognize the Morrigan, so he sent her away, telling her that she would only hinder him while he was busy fighting the war. Well you can only image how the Morrigan reacted to the Cuchulainn response to her, after telling him that she loved him and then he turned her down. I wouldn't want to be there.

Her red hair must of been on fire.
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