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Craig Cobb, PLE Nebraska
09-30-2015, 09:36 AM
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Craig Cobb, PLE Nebraska
Craig Cobb, PLE Nebraska

The Creativity religion, which is White Race based, is in the process of making some solid homes for young White race couples to start and raise families in.

It is against the U.S. law for anybody or group to discriminate or harass any people based on their race with regards to fair housing.

Well done Craig! You are a true warrior for our White Race. The Jew bankers have hunted you all over the world, but they will never stop you.
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09-30-2015, 09:55 AM
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RE: Craig Cobb, PLE Nebraska
[Image: t34.0-]

This business about someone making a higher offer may be malarky--it is NOT how the process was represented to the 9 people at the auction. We were told it goes to the county commissioners and it takes 6 to 8 weeks and that the commissioners, in the entire history of Webster county, had NEVER failed to approve a sale (for example, due to a need for eminent domain or anything else). There was also NO mention of redemption. It was an out and out sale.
I can post the paperwork of the legal notices.

On top of that, these homes are not even for me--I am not going to live in them. They are for young white couples.

What you are seeing is a dark preview of anti-White hate which will only get much worse very soon in America.

This came online 55 minutes ago from the univ. city of Grand Forks, ND:

The town of Red Cloud, Neb., held an emergency town hall meeting Tuesday to look into its legal options for dealing with the situation, said resident Mike Goebel. Two of the properties Cobb purchased for $25 and $100 are in Red Cloud, while another worth $3,410 is in the nearby town of Inavale.

Goebel said a local militia also met Monday night because of threats and racial insults posted by Cobb or someone impersonating him on a community Facebook page. (Notice how the Grand Forks Herald has my phone number from our many recent contacts, but does not call to ask me this detail. I am NOT the guy on FB. He is not impersonating me either. He lets the asinine presumptees make assumptions without correcting them which is funny. Is this one of the militia members who the FB guy tells me left this? -Craig Cobb)

“I don’t want my kids to grow up seeing that kind of hate,” Goebel said.

Cobb won’t formally own the property until a district court judge confirms the sale in court, likely scheduled in November, said Webster County Attorney Sarah Bockstadter. She said anyone with an interest in the property can redeem it first, or someone can make a higher offer when it’s in court.
I see they selected my most flattering pic too.
N.D. white supremacist Cobb buys up property in Nebraska | Grand Forks Herald

If the militia needs my address, it is 208 3rd Ave East, Sherwood, ND 58782, the corner house with the vinyl signs on two sides which
read "No Jews Spooks In The Sky". Postal address is P.O. Box 11. Send money right away so I can buy more "good deal" comfy homes for young White couples with little children. Thank You.

PS It is also NOT in Ryan Schock's legal capacity to tax--only the county has that power, though he asserts--and unquestioning reporters repeat--that comedy.

Mr. Goebel, I am a member of the council of the Creativity Movement, a religion recognized by federal judge Lynn Adelman to be a valid, legal religion in the United States of America. I would very much appreciate if the city council of Red Cloud not discriminate agains the young members of our faith who, in the Obama economic collapse, desperately need housing for thir young families. I understand we are not Christians, Muslims and Jews who you and yours all love very, very much, but America is a diverse nation in 2015.

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