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Jack Boot Defends Soviet Marxist Mass Murderer of Whites
05-26-2014, 04:24 PM
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Jack Boot Defends Soviet Marxist Mass Murderer of Whites
Jack Boot Defends Soviet Marxist Mass Murderer of Whites

Jewish Communist Convicted of Mass Murder

Finally, a guilty Jew is brought to trial! Let us hope that he eventually receives the actual penalty which is prescribed by Law-- death by hanging. This is the first one brought to Justice, may there be many more!

Quote:Former top Hungarian Communist, 92, convicted of war crimes | Reuters

...former senior Hungarian Communist Party official was convicted on Tuesday of war crimes over shootings of civilian protesters after the November 1956 uprising that was crushed by Soviet tanks.

It was the first trial of an ex-top communist in Hungary since the government of Prime Minister Viktor Orban, a staunch anti-communist, enacted a law in 2011 to enable prosecution of crimes committed after the anti-Communist revolt.

"Bela Biszku is guilty of war crimes committed as an abettor (of) homicide against more than one person," Judge Szabolcs Toth told the packed courtroom.

Hundreds of people were executed and tens of thousands imprisoned after the revolt was put down.

Biszku was also convicted of charges including public denial of the crimes of the former Communist regime...

Quote:05-16-2014, 07:50 AM #10
Jack Boot
Editor and Stormfront Chief of Staff

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Re: 92 year old convicted of genocide denial and war crimes... not what you think!

"Since this guy is 92 years old, suspend the sentence and send him home. "

Whites convict the old Jew Communist of mass killing of Whites. Jack Boot says to suspend the sentence and let him go free. When the senior controlling editor of Stormfront says to let a mass killer of Whites go free, then I think we know why Stormfront is controlled opposition, and why all the intelligent WN, who oppose the Jews, never post there or have been banned, silenced, moderated. David Duke only posts there when he has a book to sell, otherwise he knows Jack Boot is for freeing Jewish Communist senior officials who committed mass murder against Whites of Eastern Europe.

The sterotypical neo-Nazi name of "Jack Boot" is right out of the SPLC ADL playbook as portraying WN as "nazis". He had his location as the stereotypical fantasy "a trailer", now it is another mythical fantasy to represent WN "avalon".

Any questions about Stormfront now?
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