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BlancaNieves Marxist
04-19-2014, 03:49 PM
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BlancaNieves Marxist
BlancaNieves Marxist
It took years, but it looks like BlancaNieves has been exposed as a closet Marxist mole.

Quote:"being part of a powerful nation that rivalled the USA and watched as it suddenly became reduced to a limping, third world status after the break-up. "

BlancaNieves talks warmly about the Jew Marxist USSR. When in fact it was a third world status dump from 1920 to 1992. Infant mortality increased to the 3rd world level of Africa, there was 3rd world level running water or heat, food and technology had to be imported from the West. There was no washrooms in hospitals, no running water above the 7th floors, no heat in apartments! She must have been part of the rich pro-Jewish Apparatchiks!

Quote:"The Baltic States even during Soviet times the people there lived better than the rest of the USSR so being sent to work there was considered as very desirable."

Whites in the Baltic States were dragged out of their homes by the millions and exterminated in the Gulag camps. BlancaNieves is vicious, cruel, insane, pro-Marxist and a pro-Jewish Marxist USSR liar.

It is always interesting to slowly expose the Marxists on Stormfront, gradually, over the years they revel themselves and we can expose them here when they just make simple talk over there, feeling comfortable and protected by their Marxist payment to keep Stormfront afloat.

BlancaNieves wishes the Jew Marxist USSR was still running. She says nothing about the 80 million killed in the Gulag camps!
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