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Jew Oligarch Kolomoisky kills Ukrainians
04-19-2014, 07:41 AM
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Jew Oligarch Kolomoisky kills Ukrainians
Jew Oligarch Kolomoisky kills Ukrainians

A crowd of Ukrainians pushed onto the Mariupol airbase and Kolomoisky, the Jew Oligarch offered $50,000 to any person who would shoot and kill those Ukrainians, equivalent of 10 years salary in Ukraine today.
Quote:"promised another half-million hryvnia (£27,000) to the national guardsmen who successfully repelled an attack by pro-Russian militia last night, killing three.:
Igor Kolomoisky, an energy tycoon who was appointed, the nor of the Dnipropetrovsk region in eastern Ukraine last month

Ukraine’s Jewish leaders are preparing to lead the fight if the country is invaded.

Gennadiy Korban, a multi-millionaire businessman and the deputy head of Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine’s second largest city, this week gathered national commanders to prepare a defensive plan, including how and where military resources should be deployed. One of the country’s leading businessmen, billionaire Gennady Bogolyubov, has signed a document saying that he will personally take up arms against Russia. Another Dnepropetrovsk businessman and community leader, Igor Kolomoisky, returned to his home city two weeks ago in a new role as regional governor.

Quote:On Monday Mr Kolomoisky announced a $25 million donation to the Ukrainian army’s southern command to pay for fuel for military vehicles and aircraft.

- The Jewish Chronicle

Jew Communist Oligarchs control Eastern Ukraine, or at least they did before Putin supported the local people.

Quote:In neighbouring Dnipropetrovsk, the oligarch Igor Kolomoisky, a strong backer of Ukraine’s Jewish minority and financier of the JN1 Jewish 24 hour news channel, has kept a lid on separatists and the region has remained quiet.

- Financial Times
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