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Gulag Photos 2008
04-13-2014, 01:41 AM
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Gulag Photos 2008
Gulag Photos 2008
Copied from Celtic Welsh Warriors online archive.

Solshenitsyn stated that 65 million Russians were genocided by the Jewish Soviet Marxists.

Rare Gulag photos from 2008 coming up, accessible by heli only.

[Image: camps1.jpg]

[Image: camps2.jpg]

[Image: camps18.jpg]

They have built 900 kms out of 1263 that was needed to connect two towns Igarka and Salechard. 300.000 convicts died while building this road within years 1949-1953. Now this road, like so many others, leads to nowhere.
[Image: camps6.jpg]

After they killed the brains of the nation, the Soviet Union became a kind of laughing-stock; a national bully that everyone feared because it was stupid and fat with nukes.

Like a mindless giant, the Soviet Union was incapable of anything intelligent or creative. Having killed off all its wise and educated people, the Soviet Union was only capable of setting examples to the rest of the world of how things should not be done.

[Image: camps7.jpg]

Everyone who tried to escape the Gulag had almost no chance of surviving. They had to walk hundreds of kms through forested wilderness... the direction hardly mattered because the people had nowhere to run. The whole country was one big prison labor camp.

The Whispers and Prayers of the Dying are not forgotten.

The summers and poplar trees are now quiet, empty. 65 million murdered in the forests.
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