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JOBBIK wins 21% of Vote in Hungary
04-11-2014, 07:25 PM
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JOBBIK wins 21% of Vote in Hungary
JOBBIK wins 21% of Vote in Hungary

Democracy is the way to go to peacefully, and legitimately, win power and control over a Nation.

Quote:In terms of its share of the national vote on party lists, Jobbik won 20.86 percent, up from 15.86 percent of all votes four years ago.
Its showing based on the incomplete results on Sunday was the strongest of any Nationalist party in the EU in the past few years, according to Cas Mudde, Assistant Professor at the School for Public and International Affairs at the University of Georgia in the United States.

He said the previous strongest result for a Nationalist party was the 20.5 percent won by Austria's Freedom Party last year.

Let all the stupid, the Feds, the Jew infiltrators, try to say that Democracy isn't the way to go. Hitler was elected by a Democracy.
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