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Stormfront Feds exposed
04-11-2014, 06:40 PM
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Stormfront Feds exposed
Exposing the Feds on Stormfront.

Iowa senatorial candidates talk about using Glocks and castrating pigs in Washington DC.

Quote:'I'll use my Glock and blow your balls off': Iowa Senate candidate Bob Quast threatens his sister's murderer in a campaign ad

Former Army contractor Bob Quast is running as an Independent
Supports the right to bear arms and says that he has a handgun so that he can shoot the man who killed his sister if he comes to harm his daughters

'I'm going to use my Glock to blow your balls off,' Quast says with a smile. Quast's sister Lynette was killed and chopped into pieces by her husband and he was sent to prison in 1999 but released in 2011. His Ad comes after Quast's Republican opponent released a video touting how she grew up castrating pigs on a farm and will 'cut pork in Washington'

Iowa Senate candidate Bob Quast threatens sister's murderer in campaign ad | Mail Online

The paid Feds feasting on the carcass of Stormfront go on the attack, attacking and mocking the outspoken pro-gun, pro-2nd Amendment, candidate and another one determined to cut government Fed spending:

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"This brings to mind to cheesy used car salesmen commercials."
And the jew Pictish tries to pervert the English language:

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Re: 'I'll use my Glock and blow your balls off': Iowa Senate candidate Bob Quast threatens his sister's murderer
"I hope he meant to state "I'll use my Glock to blow your balls off."

Pictish quickly attempts to reduce the Senator's comment by saying he is using incorrect grammar and making a homosexual reference, when there is nothing remotely of the kind, the grammar is actually correct. "I'll use my Glock and blow your balls off' means that person will use a Glock and with it, blow the balls off.", "and" implies with the following tool, one does not have to say "to". E.g. "I'll use my Car and drive to Texas" does not mean the person is going to do something else with the car and crawl to Texas.

Then we have a Fed instigating violence and calling him a coward:

Quote:Today, 08:18 AM #4
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"Wow, what a coward. His sister is hacked to pieces, the murderer released after only 12 years, and all this coward does is TALK about doing something when the guy has been out of prison for nearly 3 years. "

So we have a gun-rights advocate openly talking boldly about gun rights and protecting his family with a gun and the Fed who now rule Stormfront go on the attack against this guy, the Iowa candidate.

Really appalling.

One pro-2nd Amendment Senator and three quick attacks by Fed agents on Stormfront all ridiculing, accusing, denigrating, him in succession. That is how the Feds have come to run roughshod over Stormfront.

You can run, but you can't hide, we WN are watching you and publicizing your actions as you try to destroy America.
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