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Asian IQ lower than White IQ
04-04-2014, 06:49 PM
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Asian IQ lower than White IQ
Asians Smarter?


(I copied this from Keltic Man's famous thread on SF before he was silenced)

Asian IQ lower than White IQ

Germany 102
Austria 102
Italy 102
Netherlands 102
Sweden 101
China IQ 100

East Asian IQ Lower than Germany, Italy, Sweden

Yes, it is true, MOST ASIANS are dumber than GERMANS, SWEDES. DUTCH, ITALIANS.

Now all the White blond blue eyed girls running around with Brown Asians will wake up a little bit.

Quote:IQ and the Wealth of Nations -- Lynn and Vanhanen

Germany 102
Austria 102
Italy 102
Sweden 101
United Kingdom 100
China 100

With China having 1.3 billion people and being an East Asian nation, it far outweighs the tiny populations of Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong in terms of balancing out the East Asian IQ.

Quote:Why China moderates East Asian IQ


China 1,344,130,000
Japan 127,817,277
Korea 49,779,000
Taiwan 23,174,528

Japan+Korea+Taiwan (15% of population compared to China)

China (85% of population compared to Japan, Korea, Taiwan)

Combine the Japan, Korea, Taiwan IQ's and population, then weigh and average to China IQ and population and you get an average East Asian IQ. But one would also have to include Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia IQ, as they geographically lie east of Taiwan.

East Asian nations such as China, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, all lower the Asian IQ. So next time you see a White blue eyed blond girl with an Asian, ask them if they are Japanese, Korean, or moderate intelligence Chinese, and retarded Filippino, Malaysian, Indonesian, Vietnamese.

(After Keltic Man posted that, it started a 40 page firestorm of Whites married to Asians trying to defend Asians, as well as Asians themselves and a few Jews, within a month Keltic Man was put on censorship moderation by Don Black whose won son, Derek, is an Anti-racist who gives information to the SPLC, and Don's wife who helps Brown children instead of White children.)
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04-05-2014, 02:11 AM
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RE: Asian IQ lower than White IQ
I'm pretty sure the east Asian IQ, you know Philippines and Indonesia are much lower than Japan.
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