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Ukraine Interim President is Jew Mob
02-25-2014, 04:37 PM
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Ukraine Interim President is Jew Mob
Turchynov tied to Mogilevich: UKRAINE

Turchynov destroyed the Mogilevich files
The "Interim President" of Ukraine, the "Parliament Speaker" is a Jew Mob Crime Boss,former head of State Security.

"Interim President" Turchynov tied to Jew Mob Mogilevich. Turchynov was Communist Youth member, and is Jewish. Ukraine gas deals and Jew Mafia.

Former security service chief Oleksandr Turchynov said he didn’t order the destruction of a case file on reputed mobster Semyon Mogilevich. Two former heads of the Security Service of Ukraine offered vastly different accounts this week of the alleged role of Semyon Mogilevich in the lucrative gas trade between Ukraine, Russia and other former Soviet states, as well as the contents and fate of secret agency files about the alleged mobster.

Valentyn Nalyvaichenko, who headed the spy agency from 2006 to 2010, told the Kyiv Post in an interview that documents connecting Mogilevich with the nation’s gas trade had been destroyed by one of his predecessors, Oleksandr Turchynov, in 2005.

Turchynov, who was security service (SBU) chief in 2005, called such claims an “elaborate ruse” to discredit his close ally, former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, who made a fortune in the gas trade in the 1990s.

The controversy over the so-called Mogilevich SBU dossier dates back to the split in a coalition between Tymoshenko and former President Viktor Yushchenko in 2005, largely provoked by arguments over whether to retain gas trader RosUkrEnergo as an intermediary in the lucrative business of importing Russian and Central Asian gas to Ukraine.

Ukrainian politicians have accused each other of connections with alleged mafia boss Mogilevich, who for years has been on the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Most Wanted List of fugitives for alleged fraud.

Mogilevich’s lawyers have consistently denied that he is involved in organized crime or the region’s gas trade. But longstanding claims about Mogilevich’s alleged role in Ukraine returned to the stoplight, thanks to U.S. State Department cables published in recent weeks by the whistleblower WikiLeaks.

Mogilevich files

U.S. Embassy cables revealed details about the controversy surrounding a secret dossier on Mogilevich compiled by the SBU.

[Image: content.jpg]

Igor Fisherman

The dossier was allegedly destroyed by Turchynov and his deputy Andriy Kozhemyakin, both staunch Tymoshenko allies, about the time she was fired as prime minister during her first stint on Sept. 8, 2005.

In a U.S. diplomatic cable published on the WikiLeaks website on Dec. 5, former U.S.

Ambassador to Ukraine John Herbst reported that former Interior Minister Yuriy Lutsenko said he had been “ordered” in 2006 by state prosecutors to arrest Turchynov for allegedly destroying hard copies of the Mogilevich dossier.

Lutsenko on Nov. 29 confirmed the authenticity of his conversation with Herbst, described in the cable dated April 14, 2006.

State prosecutors on Feb. 22, 2006, opened a criminal case against Turchynov and Kozhemyakin for allegedly destroying the Mogilevich files, but Kyiv’s Pechersk District court threw out the case four months later.
I think the reason why the Mogilevich dossier was destroyed in 2005 is because the files contained information about intermediaries and their role in the gas trade.”

- Valentyn Nalyvaichenko, former SBU chief.

Prosecutors appealed, before later withdrawing their charges.

Nalyvaichenko, the SBU chief from 2006 to 2010, told the Kyiv Post on Dec. 7 that SBU records about Mogilevich dating back to the early 1990s indeed went missing.

He said the documents detailed the alleged mobster’s role in the gas trade in the mid-1990s, including ties with top officials close to Tymoshenko, who then headed a lucrative gas trading business called United Energy Systems of Ukraine (UESU).

“I think the reason why the Mogilevich dossier was destroyed in 2005 is because the files contained information about intermediaries and their role in the gas trade,” Nalyvaichenko said.

Nalyvaichenko identified one alleged link between Mogilevich and top officials then as Igor Fisherman, who is also wanted by the FBI as an associate of Mogilevich.

Fisherman, who along with Mogilevich is believed to reside in Russia, worked as an advisor to former Prime Minister Pavlo Lazarenko in the 1990s when Tymoshenko headed UESU.

Tymoshenko and Lazarenko were political allies during the 1998 parliamentary election, when their Hromada Party won 24 seats in parliament.

Tymoshenko’s opponents have frequently accused her of making illicit proceeds during the mid-1990s in tandem with Lazarenko, when UESU controlled a large share of domestic supplies.

Tymoshenko has repeatedly denied wrongdoing and has distanced herself from Lazarenko, a convicted U.S. felon who is still serving an eight-year prison sentence in the U.S. for laundering money.

Speaking to the Kyiv Post by telephone on Dec. 8, Turchynov said there was no specific dossier on Mogilevich that could have been destroyed. But he and Kozhemyakin were evasive in answering specific Kyiv Post questions.

Turchynov did say, however, that it was routine procedure to destroy hard copies of old criminal investigation files. In any case, it would have been impossible to erase backup records from the agency’s computer system, he added.

“At the time, the General Prosecutor’s Office [loyal to Tymoshenko’s opponents], not the SBU, was in charge of investigating of alleged ties between UESU and organized crime groups during the 1990s,” he added, referring to accusations that point to an alleged link between Tymoshenko and Mogilevich associates.

Both Turchynov and Kozhemyakin refused to answer in detail what role Fisherman could have played as an advisor to Lazarenko on energy issues.

Both denied knowing Fisherman, but could not explain clearly if an investigation is warranted to look into what role this alleged Mogilevich associate had as an advisor to Lazarenko at a time when Tymoshenko profited greatly as a business women in the country's murky gas trading business.

“I don’t know what Fisherman was doing there. This is a question for Lazarenko,” Kozhemyakin said, adding that he never investigated the issue.

Kozhemyakin said that if political opponents have any qualms, they should show the evidence and prosecutors should pursue the case.
The controversy over the so-called Mogilevich files was an elaborate ruse engineered by Yushchenko and his inner circle to deflect attention from their plans to [preserve] RosUkrEnergo as an intermediary [in 2005]."

- Oleksandr Turchynov, one of the opposition leaders, Yulia Tymoshenko supporter.

Fisherman and Lazarenko were not immediately available for comment. Turchynov’s successor at the SBU, Ihor Drizhchany, declined to comment when contacted by telephone on Dec. 6.

Turchynov said accusations about him destroying the dossier were an attempt to divert attention from the accusers’ own links with RosUkrEnergo.

“The controversy over the so-called Mogilevich files was an elaborate ruse engineered by Yushchenko and his inner circle to deflect attention from their plans to [preserve] RosUkrEnergo as an intermediary [in 2005],” Turchynov said.

RosUkrEnergo ties?

The majority of WikiLeaks documents released thus far appear to focus more on a suspected Mogilevich connection to RosUkrEnergo, not Tymoshenko.

One WikiLeaks cable, released on Nov. 29 by Russian Reporter magazine, linked Mogilevich to RosUkrEnergo, co-owned by Ukrainian gas tycoon Dmytro Firtash and Russian state energy firm Gazprom.

Another cable authored by former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine William Taylor, dated Dec. 10, 2008, reports links between Firtash – who has ties to President Viktor Yanukovych’s inner circle – and Mogilevich. The brief quotes Firtash as saying that he “needed and received permission from Mogilevich when he established various businesses.”

Firtash in a press release on Dec. 2 denied he has ever stated that he needed or received permission from Mogilevich to establish any of his businesses.

But Firtash has not responded to requests by the Kyiv Post’s for more detailed comment on his reported ties to Mogilevich and alleged corruption in Ukraine’s energy sector.

RosUkrEnergo and its shareholders have repeatedly denied links to Mogilevich, but top Ukrainian officials in government, including Tymoshenko as prime minister, and lawmakers speaking in parliament, have over the years suggested that he and close associates were involved.

Kyiv Post staff writer Peter Byrne can be reached at [email protected]
Quote:Anonymous Dec. 10, 2010, 6:10 p.m.
No wonder the child alcoholism and prostitution skyrocket during the orange reign - all this activities are a symbol of a mafia state.
No wonder Fritash had close dealing with two mafia bosses - scarface CIA disciple Yushchenko and Mogilevich, while in the same time the hohol diaspora got cout redhanded doing sex trafficking in the US.
WikiLeaks file evidences this.

JEW CRIME BOSS Turchynov was exposed on WikiLeaks cable leaks.

Jew Crime Boss, Speaker of the Parliament, former head of State Security, Turchynov, didn't last day in the spotlight, thanks to WikiLeaks cables.
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03-12-2014, 06:38 PM
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RE: Ukraine Interim President is Jew Mob
Ukrainian army and air force will probably find the need to kill this JEW oligarch heading the government now. Ukrainians hate the Jews after the Jews did the HOLODOMOR upon the Ukraine people.
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04-12-2014, 07:58 PM
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RE: Ukraine Interim President is Jew Mob
One of those who seized the police station said the group had gone to Sloviansk to fight people who represented the illegal authorities of interim JEW mob boss "President" Oleksandr Turchynov,

And the power builds for a Nationalist revolution in Ukraine as we revolt against the TWO JEWS in who are "president" and "prime minister" of Ukraine now.
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04-12-2014, 09:01 PM
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RE: Ukraine Interim President is Jew Mob
There is a full anti-Jew revolution underway in Ukraine I can report:

[Image: 6RIAN_02409924.LR.jpg]

Anti-Jew Whites man the barricades as the Jew "prime minister" and "president" face resistance.

Ukrainian Interior Minister Arsen Avakov has said that unidentified people have seized the building of a district police department in Slaviansk (Donetsk region).

"9.30 am unidentified people in camouflage have seized the district police department in Slaviansk. Here the reaction will be very tough. As is the difference between a protestor and a terrorist," the minister wrote on his Facebook page on Saturday morning. There were five or six armed people in camouflage at the time of the seizure, a spokesperson for the Donetsk region told Channel 5.


If Kiev uses force in the southeast of Ukraine, a four-party meeting on the resolution of the Ukrainian crisis will be foiled, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told US Secretary of State John Kerry by telephone on Saturday, April 12, Itar-Tass reports.


Ukraine acting interior minister says armed attack under way on police station in Kramatorsk, police fire back, Interfax reports.


Ukraine’s parliament-appointed acting President Alexander Turchinov will convene the National Security and Defence Council on Saturday, April 12, to discuss the situation in the country’s southeast swept by public unrests. The meeting is scheduled for 21:00 local time, the One Plus One television channel said.


"Units of the interior and defence ministries are implementing an operational response plan," Arsen Avakov said in a statement on his Facebook page. Anti-Maidan protesters have occupied police offices in the town of Kramatorsk, Donbass region, reports Itar-TASS. Some 50 armed protesters entered the building and several shots were heard, but witnesses and hospitals did not report any injuries.


It has been reported recently that pro-Maidan protesters are gathering near Taras Shevchenko monument in Kharkov. Interfax Ukraine correspondents stress that there are mostly members of ultra-right organizations, but there are also women, seniors. At the same time, there is a crowd of supporters for the Eastern region’s autonomy from Kiev protesting on Freedom Square, just walking distance away from the Taras Shevchenko monument.


Meanwhile, Ukraine's Interior Ministry denied allegations that anti-Maidan protesters seized control of police stations in three cities in Donetsk region - Krasny Liman, Chervonoarmiysk and Kramatorsk. "In Kramatorsk and Chervonoarmiysk, Operation Fortress, which was launched in the morning made it possible to thwart attempted seizures of buildings. In the city of Krasny Liman, law enforcers and local residents took the police building under joint protection at 8 am. As a result, armed men who had arrived there were unable to storm the building. The building remains under joint protection," the ministry said in a statement.


Ukraine'a acting president calls emergency meeting of National Security Council on the situation in the country's eastern part.


Donetsk regional police chief, Konstantin Pozhidayev, said Saturday he was quitting his post after the protesters urged him to step down.


There are no Russian agents operating in southern and southeastern Ukraine, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said in a telephone conversation with the acting Ukrainian Foreign Minister, Andrey Deshchitsya. Lavrov said that the same accusations were earlier made by Washington, but no facts were given.


Sergei Lavrov in a phone call with his Ukrainian counterpart urges the Ukrainian government to avoid use of force in dealing with the unrest, to respect Eastern Ukraine's interests.


Russia’s Foreign Ministry says that "Ukraine has no grounds" for accusing Russia of the rallies' escalation in Donetsk and Sloviansk.


In the city of Krasny Liman (Donetsk region, Ukraine), armed people occupied the city’s police office.The Novosti Donbassa (News of the Donbass region) website says, with a reference to witnesses, that representatives of organizations of Cossacks and veterans of the Afghan war surrounded the police office, and about 20 armed men entered it.


About 1,000 people opposed to Ukraine's new government gathered outside the headquarters of the regional police authority in Donetsk and demanded the dismissal of regional police chief Kostyantyn Pozhydayev. An Interfax correspondent reported from the scene that about 20 uniformed men who had served in the disbanded Berkut riot police force came out of a bus that had driven up to the building. They were wearing bullet-proof vests and maroon berets. One of the men, apparently the group's leader, said: Berkut has always been with the people. We have never betrayed you, nor will we ever do." Those present met his words with cheers. After that, the ex-Berkut servicemen returned to the bus and went away.


Ukrainian acting president Turchinov fires Donetsk security service chief for anti-Maidan protests in the country's Southeastern part.


At the same time the supporters of Ukraine’s federalization who have seized the building of Ukraine’s Security Service in Lugansk do not rule out that riot police may try to take the building by storm overnight into Sunday, the Lugansk-based coordinator of the ‘Russian Sector-Ukraine’ movement, Vladimir Karasyov, told the RIA Novosti news agency by telephone earlier today.


The website reports that at the moment, Deputy Chiefs of police left the building of the police station.


Citizens are standing behind the barricades and supporting the protesters with cheers.


The protesters are using tyres, wooden shields and sandbags.


Barricades are being constructed around the city's police station in Slavyansk, Donetsk region, which was taken under control by supporters of federalization on Saturday morning, informs.


Several negotiators representing the Donbas Volunteers Militia have entered the building to hold talks with senior police officers, an Interfax correspondent said.


Meanwhile, up to a thousand of people came up to the building of the Donetsk regional police in Donetsk on Saturday.


Riot police officers in the Donetsk region, who have previously served in the Berkut special police force disbanded after Maidan protests in Kyiv, refused on Saturday afternoon to be sent to Slaviansk where local Donbas self-defense fighters have seized a local police building, according to the Rossiya 24 television channel.


"I asked them who they were, they said they are Donetsk militia volunteers. I know many, they are our people, and they demand a referendum. We all agree, I cannot contradict them," Shtepa said, according to the website.
"Three days ago I wrote to the Ukrainian Prime Minister notifying him that we should sit down at the table of negotiations. Today the whole of Slaviansk has taken to the streets in support of the activists. The Ukrainian flag has now been removed from the town administration building and replaced with a Russian one," the Slaviansk mayor said.


More than 1,000 people are inside the town administration building, the mayor said, according to the local portal


The mayor of Slaviansk Nelya Shtepa has said that the town administration building was seized on Saturday by activists and militia volunteers, who removed the Ukrainian flag from the building and replaced it with a Russian one.


At first the armed people let only representatives from Russia's Lifenews television channel into the building, later they open the doors to all reporters who showed their IDs, according to the local portal.


Trolleys with food for the people in camouflage are being brought up to the Slaviansk police building.


Meanwhile, crowds have gathered outside the police building, with representatives from public organizations urging people to rally in support of those who seized the building.


Shtepa also asked citizens not to provoke the armed people in camouflage to avoid scuffles.


The occupiers are on the people's side, they are showing their disagreement with the Kyiv authorities," according to, a local portal.


"Several hours after the seizure of the Slaviansk town police department, the mayor of Slaviansk held talks with armed representatives of the Donbas Volunteers Militia and started reassuring the town residents. There is no threat to the town residents," Nelya Shtepa said.


The armed people who seized a police building in the town of Slaviansk are representatives from the Donbas Volunteer Militia, town mayor Nelya Shtepa said after talks with them.


There were five or six armed people in camouflage at the time of the seizure, a spokesperson for the Donetsk region told Channel 5.


"9.30 a.m. Armed people in camouflage have seized the district police department in Sloviansk. Here the reaction will be very tough. As is the difference between a protestor and a terrorist," the minister wrote on his Facebook page on Saturday morning.


Ukrainian Interior Minister Arsen Avakov has said that armed people have seized the building of a district police department in Slaviansk (Donetsk region).
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