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Northumbrian - Marxist, Jewish, exposed on Stormfront
02-01-2014, 08:16 PM
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Northumbrian - Marxist, Jewish, exposed on Stormfront
Northumbrian - Marxist, Jewish, exposed on Stormfront.

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"Germany's expansionist policy was obvious - the USSR's was not in the 1930s."
They think they can escape exposure in WN circles.

USSR 1930's

Manchuria: July, 1938
Poland: September, 1939
Latvia: October, 1939
Lithuania: October, 1939
Finland: November, 1939

These expansions all occurred during the 1930's.
(It may be that Northumbrian can't read numbers, such as "3")

It is funny how Northumbrian goes on about Polish land rights when attacking Germany, but will not mention the Soviet occupation of Poland during the 1930's. He thinks his lies will not be exposed here.

Imagine, 12,000 posts on Stormfront saying the Jewish Marxist USSR did not expand into Europe in the 1930's. What Jewish lies he has been spreading, who is paying him? And he thinks he will not be exposed. Well, we expose the SF Marxist Jews here. It was only a matter of time before the force of the White people expose these filthy Jews among us. Actually the USSR expanded in the 1930's, invading Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland in 1939.

USSR Expanded into Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Manchuria, during the 1930's.

German expansion in 1930's was 3 countries: Poland, Czech (Sudetenland), France (Alsace-Lorraine)
USSR expansion in 1930's was 6 countries: Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Manchuria.

Yet, despite the fact the Jew Marxist USSR expanded into 6 countries in the 1930's, twice as many as Germany, the Stormfront Sustaining Member Northumbrian lies as says the USSR did not, with 12,000 posts, surely he is not ignorant, but is a paid Jewish Marxist shill.

A person who defends the Jew Marxist USSR is Jewish.
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