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Matt Heimbach: Jew Lover
01-30-2014, 06:32 PM
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Matt Heimbach: Jew Lover
Matt Heimbach: Jew Lover

Matt Heimbach had a Jew Girlfriend, he is a literal Jew Lover.

[Image: ashley-rae-goldenburg.jpg]

Matt Heimbach's JEW girlfriend, Ashley Rae Goldenburg. Matt's Jewy nosed girlfriend. Dating a Jew Rat. Maybe with a name like "Goldenburg", poor innocent Matt didn't know she was Jewish? He got "tricked"? I'm sure.

No wonder ABC Nightline gave him publicity, you have to have a Jew girlfriend to be made famous for the public. Set an example.

"I would hope that those who forgive Matt for dating a Jewish girl and saying that he hated Hitler and that Jews were his brothers would be consistent and also forgive a wigger Anti-racist or a mudshark who changed their minds. Heck, maybe Heidi Klum will have a change of heart and become a WN leader some day, too. Probably some would forgive her."

[Image: Matthew-Heimbach.png]

Standing next to an Israeli flag. Matt is a false flag half Jew spy.

Matthew Heimbach, who has made a name for himself by organizing a White Student's Union at the Maryland college he attends is being promoted by the mainstream media as the new (baby)face of racism on ABC's Nightline.

ABC is owned by the Disney Corporation which is currently headed by the Jew, Bob Iger, who replaced another Jew, Michael Eisner, as Disney's chairman and CEO.

I have to say that I have deep reservations about anyone who the Jew-controlled media promotes as a spokesperson for the cause of White separatism, especially swarthy-looking, brown-eyed, Yankees with a Hebrew forename and a Germanic surname, who wave Confederate flags and wallow in stereotypical "redneck" culture.....

Here is some earlier coverage on Matthew from Jew-owned (Time Warner) CNN:

Don Black: "Note: Matt Heimbach will be the second hour guest on our radio program Thursday. "
How many Christians fall in bed with Jews? Most Christians get in bed with other Christians, not Muslims or Jews.

He can clean toilets in a White Nation.
He cannot be a leader. Can he breathe air in a WN nation? If he cleans toilets, yes.
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02-01-2014, 03:27 PM
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RE: Matt Heimbach: Jew Lover
Look at her fat hooked Jew nose!

[color=#0000CD][size=x-large][font=Times New Roman]Svoboda[/font][/size][/color]
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03-12-2014, 08:39 PM
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RE: Matt Heimbach: Jew Lover
He cannot be any sort of leader. He has been in bed with the Israeli Jews.
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