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Moroz: Jewish Marxist
01-18-2014, 06:43 PM
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Moroz: Jewish Marxist
Moroz: Jewish Marxist

James Edwards points out that the early Communist government was 80% Jews, and cites Putin admitting that plain fact. Moroz a "Russian" (acts like a quarter-Jew) jumps in and says it is silly to expose and talk about the crimes of the Jews.

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"Putin points out that Soviet government was controlled by Jews"

JAMES EDWARDS » Blog Archive Putin points out that Soviet government was mostly Jewish » JAMES EDWARDS

The Jewish Moroz, under Miami "Russian" Jew mod Poison's protection, then posts:

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"Where do you get this silly stuff from?"

Jews and part-Jews like Moroz think they can get away with defending the Jew Marxists, because they have the part-Jewish Miami, Florida living, SF Mod "Poison" active in defending the Jew Marxists of the Soviet era, many of whom had children, such as "Poison" living in Miami, Florida today who work to silence and ban any posters who expose the truth about Jews and communism.

They think SF is the WN community, it is not. They think they can post there and get away with it, without being exposed. They will be exposed and the WN community, as it moves forward, will come here and find out the truth.

We are watching you Jews (Moroz and Poison). You are not going to get away with it.

Slowly, bit by bit, we true WN are exposing the Jewish infiltrators like Moroz and Poison.
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