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Gallaecus868 - Anti-European
12-25-2013, 11:15 PM
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Gallaecus868 - Anti-European
Gallaecus868 - Anti-European

Discussion is about the Vinca-Danube civilization. An Anti-White pretending to be WN jumps in to deny, denigrate and fight the facts that the world's first civilization was, in fact, in Europe.

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"The first and most fundamental difference I find has to do with the use of the word "civilisation". ....the term "civilisation" would be abusive ... it shouldn't be the focal point of the discussion."

Probably is a "Portuguese" semitic Jew and feels the need to denigrate European civilization. They think they can make lengthy "wikipedia" self-edited posts and work on planting them in Stormfront -- but they are exposed here and there is nothing they can do to take back their words.

Relentlessly the war or words, of ideas, continues to march against the Jew.

Like a tank killer in WW II, hunting down and destroying tanks, we here at WH hunt the Jew media infiltrating Stormfront and WN.
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12-25-2013, 11:22 PM
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RE: Gallaecus868 - Anti-European
That entire thread is composed of Jew Trolls.

Quote:Aryan Defense League
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"I didn't knew there was such thing as this in Europe before the aryan invasions"

Even the thread starter is a Jew Troll:

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"It appears to have been destroyed by invasions of Indo-European speaking people (who weren't "Aryan" by the proper definition) from Eastern Europe."

WTF? Europeans speaking Indo-European were not "Aryan"? The Ukrainians are more blue eyed, blond haired, than people farther west, such as the Moor invaded Portugal.

You have Jew trolls talking to Jew trolls in set-up threads in which the final post and poster are designated before it even begins, Jewish scripted media threads on Stormfront.

This is the level of infestation at Stormfront.
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