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Felix Dzerzhinsky (Jew) Rubin
11-21-2013, 04:53 PM
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Felix Dzerzhinsky (Jew) Rubin
Felix Dzerzhinsky (Jew) Rubin
Rubin (Dzerzhinsky) (family name Rubin) was a Jew.

His father bought, purchased the Polish noble title. Joseph Orlitzky, Essays on Polish-Jewish Relations, Szecin, 1983, p.10.

Feliks "Dzerzhinsky" Rubin Josifovic: CHEKA, GPU (NKVD, KGB)

RACIAL IDENTITY: JEW (real name Rubin)
[Image: Felix_Dzerzhinsky_1919.jpg]

Felix Edmundovich Dzerzhinsky Rubin Josifovich, (Polish: Feliks Dzierżyński Rubin Josifovich,, Russian: Феликс Эдмундович Дзержинский, Belarusian: Фелікс Эдмундавіч Дзяржынскі; September 11, 1877 [O.S. August 30] -July 20, 1926) .

He was arrested for his revolutionary activities in 1897 and 1900, sent to Siberia, and escaped both times. He was arrested in the 1905 revolution, after which he was again jailed, this time by the Okhranka. After being released in 1912, he was quickly rearrested for revolutionary activity and jailed in Moscow.

In 1918 he headed the CHEKA, All-Russian Extraordinary Commission for Combating Counter-Revolution and Sabotage (Cheka) in 1922 he transformed it into the GPU, State Political Administration (GPU) which became the NKVD in. Died of a heart attack at age 50.
    "Felix Edmundovich, his father, an instructor at the Taganrog Gymnasium, where Chekhov studied, was named Rufin Iosifovich. One historical personage named Rufin held a prominent post in the Roman Empire in the Fourth Century, but Dzerzhinsky's sister Yadwiga for some reason spells the name differently in her memoirs: Rufim, which is already close to "Ruvim" (Reuben). No one should be misled by the story of Dzerzhinsky's Polish noble ancestry. Polish kings for centuries patronized Jews, as a result of which hundreds of Polish Jews acquired titles." [1]

Dzerzhinsky's father's real name was Rufin, Rubin



[1] Joseph Orlitzky, Essays on Polish-Jewish Relations, Szecin, 1983, p.10.

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