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"Holocaust" Filmmaker David Cole-Stein Exposed as fraud
04-19-2014, 08:14 AM
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RE: "Holocaust" Filmmaker David Cole-Stein Exposed as fraud
(04-01-2014 06:37 PM)Spirit of 1776 Wrote:  Here is The Guardian article:

Quote:Former friends and acquaintances, most speaking on condition of anonymity, challenged elements of Cole's account to the Guardian and called him pathologically duplicitous. His film resume on the IMDb database list his production company, Nistarim, is Hebrew for The Concealed.

Animals, saying he had been "assassinated" by "an exceptionally vindictive young lady". The note did not elaborate or confess his deception.
The Guardian cites Nistarim.

Quote:Nistarim International Media

Production Company - filmography

Nuremberg: The 60th Anniversary Director's Cut (2007) ... Production Company
The Courageous, the Forgotten (2007) ... Production Company

It has taken a full year to cleanse and rehabilitate David Cole. Things aren't adding up. Did they question Cole Stein about Nistarim at the recent IHR meeting?

It will be much fun to see how the Jew supporting "revisionists" of Stormfront will say the Guardian didn't print "Nistarim" in the article, or that "Nistarim" doesn't really exist.
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