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Red Army defections to Germany
11-04-2013, 07:03 AM
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Red Army defections to Germany
Red Army defections to Germany

3.5 million Red Army soliders went to the Germans in the first 2 and half months after June 1941. The most recent evidence for this comes from the military historians S. Drobiasko and A. Karashtshuk, the authors of the lavishly illustrated Wtoraja Mirowaja woina 1939 - 1945. Russkaya Osvoboditelnaya Armija (The Russian Liberation Army in World War II,) which was published late in 1998 by the renowned Moscow military publishing house AST.

In the Introduction, one reads:

    "In a short time three and a half million members of the Red Army surrendered or defected "just to get something to eat" reports the historian Kirsch. Today Russian authors confirm that the Russians who lived under German occupation were better off than those under Soviet rule. "

    "For fifty years, Soviet publications about World War II ignored the fundamental fact that more than a million of our countrymen fought on the German side."

    TR 1/2003: W. Strauss: New Aspects of Andreij Vlassov

Never before in the history of warfare have 4 million soldiers of a country turned against their own nation and joined the invading nation. Greek, Roman, Napoleonic, it was unprecedented in the history of warfare, the scale of defections. 4 million defected to work with the Germans, 1 million fought, took up arms.

Can we list 1 million soldiers of any army in history who took up arms against their own country?

[Image: Image1117.jpg]

1 million Russians took up arms against the USSR. Name one other country in WW II where that happened.

USSR Order 270
Thus the Soviet Jews had to kill Russian children (families) by the USSR Order 270, of August 14, 1941. It is absolutely appalling to learn that so many Russian soldiers defected to the Germans that the Jew Marxist USSR had to enact Order 270 to kill the families, including little Russian children, of any Red Army soldier who defected.

The depths of inhumanity in the entire history of warfare is shocking. Kill the children of your own soldiers? That's Jews for you.
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11-07-2013, 01:00 PM
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RE: Red Army defections to Germany
And people wonder how Hitler marched so quickly through USSR right up to Moscow. Because the entrie Red Army, up to August 1941 and Order 270 (which killed their families and children if they defected), was defecting to Nazi Germany to fight against the Jew USSR which had been genociding them.
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