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Lithuanian Children in the Gulag
10-31-2013, 08:38 AM
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Lithuanian Children in the Gulag
Lithuanian Children in the Gulag


Volume 51, No.3 - Fall 2005
Editor of this issue: M. G. Slavenas
ISSN 0024-5089
Copyright 2005 LITUANUS Foundation, Inc.

Deportations, Ethnicity and Identity
Memoirs of Children Deportees, 1941–1952

University of Toronto

I was then sixteen years old. In the
camps I discovered a ghastly world,
as in the most bloodcurdling circle of
Dante’s inferno"
Napalys Kitkauskas


1. The displacement of children is a theme barely examined in scholarly works on Soviet deportations. Throughout the history of the Gulag, children had seldom been a separate target group for the Soviet repressive apparatus. Most often, they were destined for the same cruel fate as their deported relatives, as family members of “enemies of the socialist state.” A historian dealing with the issue of children’s deportations in the Soviet Union is dumbfounded by the scale and senselessness of the crime committed. Most commonly, children’s suffering is used as a brutal illustration of and accusation against the Stalinist system. It has slowly been integrated into the national “martyrologies” of the “successor states” to the USSR: their memorials, rites of mourning, and narratives of collective suffering. However, children’s individual voices are seldom heard among those of the other Soviet victims. One wonders about the imprint such displacement left on those who faced it so early in their lives.

2 But what sense does it make trying to discern children’s voices in a sea of suffering?
Can we claim that by virtue of being children in exile they deserve special treatment? Is there something more, besides their youthful vulnerability, that makes their displacement experience unique and worth studying in the context of all other groups of deportees?

3 The second wave of displacement, between 1945 and 1953, forced into exile and camps another 256,000 people from the Baltic States alone.

4 There were, in total, about 30,700 children under the age of eighteen deported with their relatives from Lithuania to the Soviet interior between 1941 and 1951. 5.

5. This fugure is based on the estimates of V.M. Zemskov (the data for 1945–1951) and Leonardas Kerulis (the date for 1941). See, Vladimir N. Zemskov, “Masovoe osvobozhdenie spetsposelentsev i ssilnykh, 1954–1960,” Sociologicheskie issledovania, (Moscow, 1991), No. 1, 5–26; Leonardas Kerulis, A Registry of Deported Lithuanians (Chicago, 1981), 518.

Source: Leonardas Kerulis, "Registry of Deported Lithuanians" (Chicago: Lithuanian World Archives, 1981), 518. According to Kerulis, the total number deported from Lithuania in 1940-1941 was 19, 285, 517.
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11-07-2013, 01:07 PM
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RE: Lithuanian Children in the Gulag
The Jew media never publicizes these facts about Jew Marxim genociding nearly a hundred million White race people.
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