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KAGANOVICH and STALIN did the Genocide of the Holodomor
10-15-2013, 05:24 AM
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KAGANOVICH and STALIN did the Genocide of the Holodomor
KAGANOVICH and STALIN did the Genocide of the Holodomor: Jew Marxist Kaganovich and the Jew Family Stalin (he was married to a Jew)

[Image: 9780300093674.jpg]

Two Jew, or Jewish, adult males who did the genocide of the Holodomor against White race civilians.

HOLODOMOR - History. Why Did the Holodomor Happen?

Stalin was married to a Jew. Thus Stalin was in a Jewish Family.
    "The affair was disclosed recently following the discovery of a letter by historian Nicolai Nada. The letter, placed on the desk of the general secretary of the communist party Georgi Malenkov in 1953, the day Stalin suffered a stroke, was kept in a classified party file for decades.

    A few months ago, officials in charge of the file were persuaded to reveal the letter, which reads:

    "Dear Comrade Malenkov!

    I am the daughter of Ana Rubinstein, the former wife of Comrade Stalin."

    by dmitri prokofiev,
    Israeli newspapers


The Jewish Weekly, Thursday, September 27, 2007

HOLODOMOR - History Background, Why Did It Happen?


The fact that Stalin had surrounded himself by Jews everywhere in positions of high power (Lazar Kaganovich, Pyatnitsky, Fillip Goloschekin “and many others who were made part of the ruling circle”) [VAKSBERG, p. 20]

And if Stalin was singularly focused in his alleged hatred of Jews, why did his “personal corps of physicians” include “Drs. Weisbrod, Moshenberg, and Lev Gigorievich Levin?” [RAPOPORT, L., 1990, p. 37] Even prominent non-Jewish Communist Party officials (and close associates of Stalin’s social circle), President Mikhail Kalinin, Bukharin, Molotov, Voroshilov, Andreyev, Poskrebyshev, and Rykov, all had Jewish wives.

Over a hundred Jewish generals also served in Stalin’s Soviet army, including the chief of the Soviet Air Force at the start of World War II, General Jacob Smushkevich. [GOLDBERG, M. H., 1976, p. 78]


Vaksberg, Arkady. [Translated by Antoninna W. Bouis] Stalin Against the Jews. Alfred A. Knopf, New York, 1994

Rapoport, Louis. Stalin’s War Against the Jews. The Doctor’s Plot and the Soviet Solution. The Free Press. A Division of Macmillan, Inc., New York, 1990

Goldberg, M. Hirsh. The incredible… ironic ... bizarre ... funny ... and provocative in the story of the Jews. Stein and Day, Publishers, New York, 1976
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10-19-2013, 05:31 PM
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RE: KAGANOVICH and STALIN did the Genocide of the Holodomor
Terrible genocide by the Jew Marxist extremists Lazar Kaganovich and Joseph Stalin, upon innocent White Race people.
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10-22-2013, 01:26 PM
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RE: KAGANOVICH and STALIN did the Genocide of the Holodomor
Keep pushing it hard. The International Holodomor Day is coming up at end of November. Lets get the people out!
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11-12-2013, 09:14 AM
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RE: KAGANOVICH and STALIN did the Genocide of the Holodomor
People have been saying November 23, Saturday is the big HOLODOMOR day. Get out and get public.
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03-22-2014, 10:42 PM
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RE: KAGANOVICH and STALIN did the Genocide of the Holodomor
11 Millions dead, no wonder why the Jews want to dismember Ukraine and vanish the country and the people from the conscience of world history.
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03-23-2014, 08:30 AM
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RE: KAGANOVICH and STALIN did the Genocide of the Holodomor
Kaganovich was a Jew and I heard Solzhenitsyn said Stalin was too.
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03-25-2014, 05:27 PM
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RE: KAGANOVICH and STALIN did the Genocide of the Holodomor
Jew Communist mafia is still in control of Ukraine:

Jew Yatsenuk assassinates Muzychko: Right Sector Leader Assassinated by Jewish Prime Minister Yatsenuk

Jew Prime Minister assassinates White Muzychko

Muzychko vowed to fight “communists and Jews for as long as blood flows in my veins”,

[Image: 982412.jpg]

Quote:KIEV, March 25. /ITAR-TASS/. One of leaders of Ukraine’s far-right movement Right Sector Oleksandr Muzychko was killed in the western Ukrainian city of Rivne, local media reported on Tuesday.

Ukrainian police have opened a criminal case over the murder of Oleksandr Muzychko in western Ukraine, the press service of main police department in western Ukraine’s Rivne region told ITAR-TASS on Tuesday.

“Muzychko was killed at midnight local time (22:00 GMT, Monday) on Tuesday at a cafe named Dzhereltse (‘little springs’) in Barmaky village in Rivne Oblast not far from his house,” the police press service said. “There were many people there, investigative actions are being taken, and witnesses were questioned. No one has been detained yet,” the press service said.

ITAR-TASS: World - Right Sector leader killed in Ukraine

Jew Prime Minister Yat is now killing, assassinating, White fighters who put him in power.

Quote:Dmitry Yarosh, leader of Ukraine's Right Sector nationalist party, is demanding the resignation of acting Interior Minister Arsen Avakov and the arrest of police officers involved in the killing of notorious radical militant Aleksandr Muzychko.

Muzychko vowed to fight “communists and Jews for as long as blood flows in my veins”, and was accused of forcing members of the regional parliament of Rivne to hold a session at gunpoint on 25 February 2014 after he brandished a Kalashnikov assault rifle.[7]
On 7 March 2014, ITAR-TASS reported that he is wanted by Russian authorities for war atrocities.[8] On 11 March 2014, the Russian State Duma deputy Valery Rashkin (ru) urged Russian special services to "follow Mossad examples" and assassinate leaders of Right sector Dmytro Yarosh and Oleksandr


Quote:A former senior official at the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) told RIA Novosti that the objective of the operation – carried out by SBU with the help of the Interior Ministry – was to kill Muzychko, rather than to detain him.

“The goal of the operation was not to detain, but to neutralize Muzychko, to remove him from the stage,” the source said, adding that the militant leader was undermining the new Ukrainian Jewish authorities and pursuing his own interests through his leadership of the Right Sector movement.

Muzychko himself earlier said he believed he could be killed. In a video address recently posted on YouTube he said that the leadership of “the Prosecutor General's office and the Interior Ministry of Ukraine made a decision to either eliminate me or to capture me and hand me over to Russia, to then blame it all on the Russian intelligence.”

[Image: muzzz-1.jpg]

[Image: jews_image64.jpg]

He has done his job putting Yats the Yid in power and by proxy the US and EU are in charge of Ukraine now. Washington and Brussels have no more use for him, so they demanded the puppet government to “be done” with him and probably the fate of other noncompromising nationalist leaders will follow this precedent, just as I forecast 3 weeks ago in the aftermath of the coup: Also, Ihor Tenyukh, a Svoboda politician who got himself the job of Minister of Defense after the coup, has just resigned. You see, the previous elected government did nothing of this sort. While it was being assaulted by nationalist militias, the goverment showed restraint and avoided bloodshed. Now in time of peace, the coup-installed government is prosecuting and killing the very same nationalists who made the former president flee for his life while seizing building after building. Imagine if the previous government, being always threatened with sanctions or worse by the Zionist West, gave this same treatment to protestors and their ringleaders! While the coup was in the air, no leading figure whatsoever was arrested by the deposed president. Indeed, they were socializing with American and EU politicians in plain view while the capital burned! Now, in time of peace, the government is giving orders to execute or arrest nationalists. Mindblowing? Nah, just another Jewish plot on a duped populace.

Quote:The interim government's highest authority is a former banker who was present at the Trilateral meeting a year ago. You can see it in the organization's website. Remember the Goldman Sachs guy they installed as PM in Italy? They explore underlying animosities when applicable, and then dispose of the useful cattle (or "shabbos goyim", as the Jews call them) after the objectives are achieved. These bought scumbags (the banker installed in Ukraine and his associates, all showered with money by the US/EU) are the people who will be running Ukraine now, not patriots. Patriots will at best be offered useless positions to satisfy the protestors' demands and diminish their anger. The only high authority they will be appointed to is the security apparatus. After the job is done and Ukraine is delivered to the new government through the use of force, the patriots, who are obviously being used, may be fired if they become a trouble or too voiceful/critical of the government's moves, as dictated from Washington and Brussels.

Btw, it is said by eyewitnesses that his hands were tied. He was likely executed in cold blood.

[Image: jews_image61.jpg]

According to the interior ministry of Ukraine, Muzychko died in a shoot-out with police in a cafe in Rivne. According to the ministry, the police raided the cafe to arrest Muzychko, but he opened fire while he tried to flee. He was shot when the police returned fire. The police were able to capture him and three others, but by the time the paramedics had arrived at the scene, he had died.[10][14]

On 24 March 2014 Oleksandr Muzychko was shot and died. There are conflicting stories about how this happened.[10]
According to Ukrainian MP Oles Doniy[10], a group of unknown armed people arrived on three Volkswagen minivans and kidnapped Muzychko and five other people from a cafe near Rivne. They murdered Muzychko behind the cafe by two gunshots to the heart.[11] [2][12] In another telling of Doniy's account, a group of attackers forced Muzychko to stop his car, pulled him from it, and handcuffed him before shooting him.[13]

The Jew Yatsenuk should be assassinated in retaliation, is what most Ukrainians will now think. Probably shooting down Yatsenuk's plane, IED roadside bomb, or assassination in Parliament, will be the method of choice. Jews gained power using the Right Sector, now are assassinating leaders of the Right Sector. Most Ukrainians will think it is now time to assassinate the Jews in Ukraine government.


1. "Вбито Сашка Білого (Музичко)". Преса України. 25 March 2014.
2. "Сашко Билый убит?". Komsomolskaya Pravda. 25 March 2014.
3. "Координатор «Правого сектору» у Західній Україні – Олександр Музичко". Retrieved 2014-03-08.
4. Sashko Bilyi: I will destroy Avakov and hang him like a dog (Video). uapress. March 1, 2014
5.Sashko Bilyi "activist and revolutionary," which beats the prosecutor - an outlaw. uapress. February 28, 2014
6.Activist of the Right Sector Oleksandr Muzychko will be dealt by prosecutors. uapress. February 28, 2014
7. "Blind eye turned to influence of far-right in Ukrainian crisis: critics". Retrieved 2014-03-08.
8."Suspected Ukrainian gunman put on international wanted list". Retrieved 2014-03-08.
9. "Российский депутат призвал спецслужбы "ликвидировать" Яроша и Белого". 11 March 2014.
10."Ukraine far-right leader Muzychko dies 'in police raid'". Ukraine far-right leader Muzychko dies 'in police raid'. 25 March 2014. Retrieved 25 March 2014.
13. Dolgov, Anna (2014-03-25), Ultranationalist Leader in Maidan Protests Is Shot Dead in Ukraine (Video), Moscow Times, archived from the original on 2014-03-25, "Ukrainian lawmaker Oleksandr Doniy said on his Facebook page that unknown assailants blocked off Muzychko's car, dragged him out of the vehicle, cuffed his hands behind his back, and shot him twice in the chest."
14.Ukraine nationalist Oleksandr Muzychko killed in police operation, Associated Press, 2014-03-25, "The Interior Ministry said Tuesday that Muzychko was shot dead after opening fire on police."

Now we Ukrainians are wondering....will Jew Prime Minister Yatsenuk now be assassinated in return, as justice and paybakc?
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03-30-2014, 07:02 AM
Post: #8
RE: KAGANOVICH and STALIN did the Genocide of the Holodomor
I don't see why the Ukrainians don't just assassinate, kill, the Jew Yatsenuk who has stolen power and killed White resistance leaders.
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04-01-2014, 06:43 PM
Post: #9
RE: KAGANOVICH and STALIN did the Genocide of the Holodomor
Kaganovich the Jew ran the USSR, Stalin was mostly in his dacha in the south. When Stalin tried to act like "dictator", Kaganovich quickly killed him in his own office.

[url=]Jewish Involvement in Shaping American Immigration Policy, 1881-1965[/url]
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