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Craig Cobb, Leith ND
10-22-2013, 01:31 PM
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Craig Cobb, Leith ND
Craig Cobb, Leith ND thread.

Craig Cobb has issued a new call to activism.

Quote:Craig Cobb--phone now 701-880-0285 Pioneer history! Move to Leith immediately! Call me for details! Spread the word to other WN internet sites, including Stormfront! Get a high-pauying Bakken job in Dickinson, ND for winter! Have $10,000 cash saved 4 months from the day you read these words! I will show you how!

Due to the Leith city council passing a building and trailer moratorium to try to prevent more Whites moving into Leith, ND.
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10-24-2013, 01:42 PM
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RE: Craig Cobb, Leith ND
Brave man! This is what we need, more activism like this!
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10-25-2013, 06:01 AM
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RE: Craig Cobb, Leith ND
Because the last Leith city meeting was without published notice, they have called another one and have had to publicly announce it, no doubt to bring in the Indians from South Dakota again.

Quote:There will be a public meeting of the Leith City Council this coming Sunday, October 27, 2013 at 5PM (MDT) in the community center of Leith, North Dakota. Come one and come all to support the city of Leith's citizens with their struggle to prevent the town from being taken over by Neo-Nazi/White Supremacist/Skinheads! (TAKE NOTE, CURRENTLY ONGOING HUD FEDERAL INVESTIGATORS: THE PRECEDING, INCLUDING "HATERS" ARE CODE WORDS WHICH DO INCLUDE CREATORS OF THE CREATIVITY RELIGION SUCH AS MYSELF, THE PRIME MOVER OF THIS REAL ESTATE!)

I'll be there! Also, I want to ask Bakken oil workers and anyone else in the United States, Canada or the world to drive in your old portable buildings, trailers, RV's etc. to Leith and donate them to us before Sunday! We need your temporary housings NOW! NOW! NOW! Cash donations for temporary housings accepted too by Moneygram (wireable via any WalMart customer service office) or mail to:
Craig Cobb, 245 North Main Ave., Leith, N.D. 58529 USA Thank You.


- Craig Cobb, PLE Pioneer, Creativity Religion.
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10-26-2013, 06:16 PM
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RE: Craig Cobb, Leith ND
[Image: BVDXEY_CcAEpmKB.jpg:large]

The Jew ADL, SPLC, ARA brought in Indian terrorists to Leith, ND to try to intimidate Cobb.

[Image: 13792620.jpg]

Craig Cobb's religion now recognized by the state of North Dakota

Eternal Laws. Since the White Race is now under the heel of a tyrannical Jewish government whose relentless objective is to exterminate and totally destroy the White Race, it is of utmost importance that we be clearly aware of history’s, and Nature’s, eternal laws of survival, hard though they may be.

To Be or Not to Be. Since the White Race has an almost fatal predilection for law and order, even when such law and order are in total control of his deadly enemies, there is no room for confusion on this most vital issue. And the issue is survival or extinction, nothing more or less. In this issue as in every other issue, we CREATORS go back to the fundamental Laws of Nature: and Nature speaks clearly on this issue: survival at all costs! The end justifies the means, any means!

We Must Decide. The issue we must resolve is this: if our survival is at stake, is so-called “illegal” terrorism justified? And the answer overwhelmingly is— hell yes!
The most “civilized” way to resolve a difference is by arbitration and persuasion. But what happens when these “civilized” methods break down, or are completely ignored and rejected by a vicious enemy who is implacably bent on your destruction?

No Substitute for Victory. Throughout history governments have gone to war and then settled such differences by force. Armies marched, armies fought. One side won, the other lost. The victor dictated the terms.
This is the way Rome resolved its difference with Carthage— it utterly destroyed Carthage and wiped it from the face of the earth. Carthage was never again a threat to Roman survival and expansion. This is the way the Normans conquered England in the Battle of Hastings in 1066. This is the way America won independence from Britain in 1776-81. This is the way the Civil War was resolved between the North and the South. This is the way the struggle between the White Man and the Indians was decided in America. This is the way World Wars I and II were decided.
Need we go on? Throughout history thousands of wars have been fought, and to the victor belonged the spoils. Not only the spoils but the power.
Treachery Within. So far we have been talking basically about differences between countries— governments against governments— where it is presumed that the “legal” government of one country engages its people in wars against the government and people of another country. But what happens when a treacherous government without an open declaration of war wages a sinister and surreptitious war of extermination against a major segment of the people of that same country? What is that people to do then, since any act in its own defense would be a “violation of the law” imposed upon it by its hostile government?

Criminals are the Government. This is not a theoretical question. It is as real today as life and death itself. In the United States the Jew-controlled government is waging a secret but sinister war of destruction against the noble White Race, the race that built this country in the first place. It is very real not only in America but throughout the world wherever the White Man resides. In America, as elsewhere an alien hostile race, the tribe of Judah, is in full control,
making and breaking “the laws of the land” at its whim and caprice. It is a vicious criminal government that is obsessed with the destruction of the White Race at any cost and will stop at nothing to reach its goal.

White Man Seems Unaware. There is nothing new about this situation except for the strange phenomenon that the White Man pretends not to be aware of the situation, doesn’t dare discuss it, and acts as if he doesn’t understand it.
The fact is the White Man doesn’t understand it, and in most instances joins with his enemies to help them destroy him and his own people. The strongest ally the Jews have in their arsenal for the destruction of the White Man is the confused and demented condition of the White Man’s thinking. This they have brought about by a tremendous investment over the many centuries in plying the White Man with suicidal ideas and propaganda, of which Christianity undoubtedly has been the most effective.
The Ultimate Defense. There is an ultimate weapon that such a beleaguered people can resort to against its “own” government that has been utilized for thousands of years when the situation has become desperate and intolerable. That weapon is terrorism and violence, taking the law into our own hands.

There are basically two ways to direct the behavior of other people, including tyrants who would destroy you. One is persuasion and reason, and the other is terrorism. When persuasion and reason fail, the only recourse is violence, legal or illegal. As we shall see, the only difference between “legal” and “illegal” is only a matter of whose point of view— namely who is on top and who is at the bottom.
“Legal” and Christian violence. Violence and threats of violence are universal and timeless devices used to control the behavior of other people. They are as homespun as the father who takes the rod to his children for misbehavior. Governments use them to control their citizens under the code name of “maintaining law and order.” Courts condemn criminals and have them hanged, shot or electrocuted. This, too, is violence, termed “legal” by those on top. Even hypocritical (and seemingly pious) Christianity used the horrible threat of hellfire to club its victims into line, and failing such, has used physical torture, burning at the stake and other brutal means of persuading those who would not otherwise comply. (We have described this in a previous chapter.) This is terror imposed “from above.”
Violence Effective Persuader. The thing about violence and terrorism as Christianity and others have realized through the ages is— it works!
Whereas the Christian-Jewish bible is replete with violence and terrorism throughout its pages, one of the earliest and most universal displays of terrorism was when the “Lord” drowned all those that displeased him en masse in the “Great Flood.” He thereby solved the problem of those people who displeased him.

Violence Growing in 20th Century. But let us dispense with this mythical nonsense and get back to the reality of, say, the twentieth century. ‘We find that terrorism that upsets the established order in society comes from below— those that do not hold traditional or “legal” power. We find that terror and violence was used in the Russian revolution by such criminals as Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin and they ended up as the “legal” government of Russia. Their successors have held power ever since, a gang of Jewish criminals who are not only recognized by the U.S. government, but are being subsidized and toadied to by “our” Jew-controlled government as well.

Recent history. Similarly, by sheer terror, murder and violence Broz Tito became dictator of Yugoslavia, with similar benevolent blessings from “our” Jew-controlled government. Terrorist Menachim Begin helped usher in the bandit state of Israel by heading up the terrorist organizations of Irgun Tzevai. His gang of criminals dynamited the King David Hotel in Jerusalem, killing 90 people, mostly British military personnel. They used murder, ambush, dynamiting and every other means of terror and violence. Their methods were highly successful and “created” the bandit state of Israel. By 1977 Begin himself was Prime Minister of that foul bandit state, making numerous cozy visits to the White House of the U.S., showered with approbation, as well as huge amounts of financial and military aid.

Criminal Rebels become Legal Rulers. Similarly, through sheer terror and violence the governments of Kenya, Algeria, Cyprus, China and dozens of other countries have established themselves as the “legal rulers.” All this and more in the twentieth century. But the same process has worked for thousands of years previously in thousands of different circumstances. The obvious conclusion is: Terrorism and violence works and has been used repeatedly since the beginning of history.
From Above and From Below. Yes, terrorism is bloody, cruel and victimizes innocent people, but it is a traditional power device and has been used consistently “from above” by politicians in power, and “from below” by those who would like to be in power. The latter have succeeded surprisingly often, and even the American Revolution itself was a power play of violence “from below” against the British who used terror “from above.”

This brings us to the question of the position which the White Race finds itself in today. It is imperative that we CREATORS take a firm stand in this most crucial moral (and pragmatic) issue.
**** *

No Price Too High. The following is the position of the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR. We CREATORS are not interested in Christian morals or any other theoretical shibboleths. We are realists and keep our eyes firmly fixed on the hard facts of reality. Our primary and uppermost aspiration is the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race, no matter how hard the road, no matter what the cost. To us no cost is too high, no effort or risk too great, since we consider that the White Race itself is the ultimate and most precious value on the face of the earth.

Survival First. In order to expand and advance, we must first survive. Today our very survival is in dire jeopardy, in grave danger. We are being assaulted from all sides by the hatred and vicious machinations of the Jewish network, who, through their diabolical conspiracy, have fomented and enlisted the hatred of all the mud races of the world against us. What is worse, they have also enlisted many traitorous and befuddled Whites against us. Therefore, like the Jews throughout the centuries, we will tolerate no laws, no customs, no tradition, no morals, no religion, or any other obstacle that will in any way, shape, or form hinder us in our struggle for survival. This is especially so since most of our present ideas, laws and religious creed were foisted on us by our deadly enemies, the Jews, in the first place.

The Heart of Our Religion is the Survival of Our Own Kind, First and Foremost, then its expansion and advancement. Any laws or ideas to the contrary, we declare null and void. In this struggle we are presently at a tremendous disadvantage, since the Jews now occupy all the nerve centers of power— the news media, financial power, government, law enforcement,
education, religion and every other meaningful weapon for the physical, legal and psychological control of the White Race.

Listing Advantages the White Race has. However, this is only temporary. The White Race has certain massive natural advantages that the Jew can never attain unless and until the White Race is completely exterminated. These natural advantages are:
(a) The Jew is a Parasite and Needs the White Race to exploit and produce for him. He would die out without victims to exploit.
(b) The White Race, on the other hand, does not need the Jew. In fact, the White Race is wonderfully capable of organizing itself, feeding itself and building a beautiful civilization and society without help from any outsider. Furthermore, freed from the blood-sucking Jews, the White Race would even be tremendously more successful, productive and healthy in every way.
© The Jews have been successful only through deceit, trickery and conspiracy. They have been the most successful master-sneaks in all history. The weakness of any conspiracy is that it is extremely precarious, for if too many victims begin to realize and understand the conspiracy, it blows up in the conspirator’s face. This is the greatest fear and nightmare of the Jews— that the White Race will wake up, organize and turn against them.
(d) The further along the conspiracy is pushed, the more apparent it becomes to the victims, and the more receptive they become to information and leadership in order to turn on their tormentors.
(e) The Jews need deluded White traitors (in government propaganda, education, etc.) to front for them. The White Race on the other hand needs no such alien fronts, no trickery or deceit in order to wage its battle against the Jews.
(f) We have not only a major advantage of numbers over the Jews, but also intelligence and fighting ability. Aroused, united and organized the White Race would be ten times more powerful than all the Jews, niggers and mud races combined. It is the work and objective of the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR to accomplish just that— Arouse, Unite and Organize the White Race and wrench control of our own destiny back into our own hands.

Our Unswerving Program. Our program to overcome the tyranny and violence against us
must proceed in the following order, from one emergency to the next:
1. It is not our objective to declare a war of violence against the Jews, niggers and other mud races. We will assert ourselves non-violently but be adamant in our pursuit to freely practice our religion as guaranteed by the First Amendment to the Constitution. We will demand, as everyone else, the right to peacefully assemble, as guaranteed by the Constitution, and the right to organize.
2. As we organize our churches, we will distribute NATURE’S ETERNAL RELIGION and this, our WHITE MAN’S BIBLE, until we have placed a copy in the hands of a majority of our White Racial Comrades. We will make sure every White Man, woman and child understands the Jewish conspiracy that is now upon us.
3. As the White Race becomes united, informed and aroused we will boycott every Jew and every aspect of Jewish influence in our society. This includes boycotting the Jews in business, in their professions, in their political activities, in education, in religion, in the news media, theatre, etc. Not only will we boycott them, but we will expose them, point them out and wage
propaganda warfare against them, just as they are presently doing against the White Race. This we can do legally and very effectively once we get our religious structure organized.
4. We thereby intend to drive them from our society in all phases of influence and power, just as Hitler did in Germany. We will let them peacefully “wither on the vine” or let them peacefully migrate to Israel where the Arabs can contend with them. In no case will we any longer subsidize them, do business with them, or allow our White Racial Comrades to be used as victims to promote the welfare of these parasites on our backs.
5. Once we have driven them from political office, we will follow this up with legal measures to forever exclude the Jews from positions of power or influence in government, education, propaganda, arts and theatre or any other meaningful influence in our society, as did Hitler in Germany, and as did the Byzantine Empire over a thousand years earlier, and as the bandit state of Israel has done to all peoples who are not of Jewish birth.
6. In the meantime, while we are still in the process of regaining control of our own destiny, in no case will we ever surrender any of our guns or weapons, under any pretext, ruse or semblance of law whatsoever. Never, never, never, not even one gun. The Second Amendment gives us the constitutional right to keep our guns, and we damn well mean to exercise that right at all costs.
7. So far everything is legal. We have demanded nothing more than our Constitutional rights, the same as every other citizen. We hope we will need go no further.
Now we come to the crux of our position: Should the Jewish government use force to violate our Constitutional rights to freely practice our religion; to peacefully assemble; to peacefully organize; to distribute our White Man’s Bible; to use the mails and any other prerogative in promoting and expanding our legal religious organization and the full practice of our religion, then we have every right to declare them as open criminals violating the Constitution and the highest law of the land. They then obviously are the criminals, and we can then treat them like the criminal dogs they are and take the law into our own hands. This is the obvious, logical thing to do. We must then meet force with force and open warfare exists. It will then be open season on all Jews.
8. Should the Jews use assassination against our members, or our leaders, then the White Race must meet fire with fire, and retribution and vengeance will be our answer. For every one of ours they kill we will exact ten times their number, starting with the rabbis. When law and persuasion no longer protect our rights to survival then we must— as all free, courageous, intelligent people have done through the ages— turn on our tormentors with a furious vengeance and destroy them down to the last man. This is the thing the Jews fear above all— violence directly against their race, and rightfully so. With our superior numbers and fighting qualities, the Jews would be wiped out mercilessly, should they violate our Constitutional rights and inflict violence against us.
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10-27-2013, 08:51 AM
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RE: Craig Cobb, Leith ND
Looks like got mentioned here:

[Image: NSM_NSM88_nationalsocialistmovement_Leit...CN2265.JPG]

Along with and

[Image: fc7cc749f46ee3c1b8fcd915393e37a5e365c19c.jpg]

Also here:
[Image: fc7cc749f46ee3c1b8fcd915393e37a5e365c19c.jpg]

Along with and

Images re-hosted on Swedish photo site for security and robust data backup if the Jews try to take down any particular site.
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10-27-2013, 08:53 AM
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RE: Craig Cobb, Leith ND
Great White Love banner and posters along the side walls.

[Image: NSM_NSM88_nationalsocialistmovement_Leit...CN2294.JPG]

Also here:
[Image: 9b8f0461c0c1b88c00e0ecd307d7eca2874b3902.jpg]

Must have upset and confused the indoctrinated university liberals who came down and put them on their videos.

Nothing like getting the truth out. Eventually people begin to think.
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10-28-2013, 01:24 PM
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RE: Craig Cobb, Leith ND
Cobb assaulted in the meeting. Captured on camera and audio.

[Image: 526de0cfe1847.preview-620.jpg]

Video exists of the assault and moment of contact, taken by a French journalist present. This will be brought forward in the trial.

Quote:LOL, somehow they missed the pic where i was actually physically attacked by another man (while deputy Garrett was out of the room when he obviously should never have left the room under the circumstances), but they make me look like Muhammad Ali in action, lmao. Such true blue journalists. The guy got it and winked at me in support at the end of the Perfect Storm in reverse in Village of The Damned.

Half a hundred people witnessed these things. I have total certitude the French reporter JM Hosatte from will report the entire truth.

Quote:Leith city attorney Tom Kelsch said Cobb didn't comment on the ordinances when Mayor Ryan Schock asked for public comment [At that moment the fat Indian stalking me literally standing within an inch of me wherever I moved in public which (audacious hostile action) Deputy Garrett completely and openly tolerated for all to see was whispering that they fucked our mothers--I think he meant during the Indian Wars] and instead "went off on a tangent."

No doubt Cobb and his supporters recorded the verbal racial hate crime of the Indian's racial taunts, incitement and provocations on the audio of his mobile device. It is common for anti-whites to make verbal racial taunts and then physically assault Whites.
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10-28-2013, 02:06 PM
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RE: Craig Cobb, Leith ND
A picture magazine with a taste for exclusive news

VSD is a unique non-conformist and dynamic title, which goes against the grain and provides all the gossip you need to know. It is a picture magazine with a taste for exclusive news. VSD features two essential sections: "Behind the news" and "The best of entertainment" which both contain lots of news, photos and behind-the-scenes reports.

VSD features in-depth studies, targeted and selective news reviews, and a culture and trend section. VSD is a tried and tested concept, and is valuable resource for both news and entertainment. The magazine is dedicated to its readers, the men and women of today.
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10-28-2013, 02:10 PM
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RE: Craig Cobb, Leith ND
A lot of people's cellphone vids can and will be obtained via subpoena court order.
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11-04-2013, 04:15 AM
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RE: Craig Cobb, Leith ND
Craig Cobb earned the respect of every WN Druid when he posted his ancestor photos on today.:

[Image: 13826123.png]

Craig Cobb's sturdy Victorian ancestors. The people who built America.
[Image: 13826178.jpg]

[Image: 13826250.png]

Character, integrity, discipline. Real strong Americans.
[Image: 13826453.jpg]

These are the strong, bold, faces of the REAL AMERICANS. Craig Cobb's Family.

See more here and participate in the discussion:

This is exactly what Samhuinn (Halloween) is all about, honouring our ancestors. Once word spreads of Craig's Samhuinn devotion to his ancestors, every WN Druid will have immense respect for him. Great RESPECT to you Craig for your Samhuinn ancestor honouring.

You have no idea that what you did, the ancestor photos during the week of Samhuinn, did to Druid respect for you. Honouring our ancestors is our fundamental core tenet.
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