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Jarðarmen Kindred is a Heathen fellowship based in New England.
10-22-2013, 01:21 PM
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Jarðarmen Kindred is a Heathen fellowship based in New England.
Jarðarmen Kindred is a Heathen fellowship based in New England.

[Image: 5963351.jpg]

Welcome. Jarðarmen Kindred is a Heathen fellowship based in New England. Formed out of friendship and common interests rather than proximity, current kindred members reside in Massachusetts and Quebec, CA.

Our purpose is to gather regularly in the New England/Montreal area for observances and socializing, to create a place of religious and personal support, exchange, and learning for one another and anyone who feels called to this path, and also to interact with and promote the wider Heathen community.

Although Jarðarmen is an Old Norse word, our practices are drawn from a wide range of Germanic customs, myths, and beliefs from pre-Christian through modern times that have become more or less the common traditions of the modern Heathen revival. Asatru is one name for our religion, and there are many others representing a spectrum of subdivisions within Heathenry today just as each tribe or region had it's own folkway in the past. We honor and respect the current differences of practice and interpretation, and believe that they enrich the community as a whole. We ourselves strive for a bit of historical accuracy balanced with personal experience, creativity, intuition, and preference.

Jarðarmen Kindred gathers throughout the year for blót, sumbel, feasting, mooting, hiking, and all around celebration in honor of our Gods, our ancestors, our kindred, our families and friends, and the lands that sustain us.

If you would like to meet us or join in when we get together, please feel free to contact us.

What's coming up
Montreal Get Together: weekend of Nov 22

Past events 2012-2013
February 24-26: Weekend gathering in Montreal. Kindred and friends will be in Montreal for socializing, pub hopping, and Montreal En Lumiere -when the city will be open all night on the 25th.

March 16,17 Boston area gathering for the Dropkicks- not sure what's going on with this weekend, but we will be out and about as the Canadians will be in town.

June 7-10: Trothmoot -Milford, PA

July 27-29: weekend gathering in Montreal "Montreal Moot"

August 22-26: East Coast Thing - Milford, PA

September 20-23: Lightning Across The Plains -Kansas
260 heathens and spectacular !

Boston area get together - weekend of December 1st.

Montreal get together - weekend of January 19th

Central PA HeathenCon
State College, PA weekend of February 22, 2012

Ostara Blot with RKN -March 16th, Maine

Montreal get together -May 17-20, 2013

ECT: third week of August--excellent as usual

Montreal Get together: Last weekend of September
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