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Stalin was Pro-Jew
10-21-2013, 11:25 AM
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Stalin was Pro-Jew
Stalin was Pro-Jew. Was Stalin "Anti-Semitic" as Jews on Internet Forums keep saying?


Completely untrue. There exists no document in which Stalin says "this Jew must die". Stalin was himself a mixed-race minority and identified with Jews. Like Lenin he was not a Russian by race or ethnicity.

Stalin never ordered a single "Jew" to be killed. Stalin never said that a "Jew" by that word, ever, had to be killed. Stalin killed individuals, a tiny few of whom happened to be Jews, but he never mentioned their race on any document ordering their death. As for Beria, evidence is conclusive, depending on what evidence one believes to be credible.

School Study Resources:

[Image: 51G0BHEJ7PL._SL500_AA300_.jpg]

Out of the Red Shadows: Anti-Semitism in Stalin's Russia
Kostyrchenko, Gennadi. (1995).
Amherst, NY
Prometheus Books

Quote:Editorial Reviews

"A disturbing, significant contribution to our knowledge of official Soviet anti-Semitism, based on recently declassified Communist Party and KGB archives." -- Kirkus Reviews

"A solid work of research... serious, objective and valuable study..." -- Fraternally Yours

Product Description

Stalinist policy toward Jews is assessed for the first time in this groundbreaking book. Sifting through thousands of recently declassified documents in the archives of the Central Committee of the Communist Party and the KGB, Kostyrchenko reveals in dispassionate documentary fashion the suppression of free expression of Jewish life. The Soviet Jews fought valiantly against fascism in World War II, and the Soviet Union battled to end the Holocaust. Yet Soviet Jews found that a most ominous page in their history had been opened just after the war. Kostyrchenko documents the famous "Doctor's plot" launched by Stalin just prior to his death, revealing never-before published secret documents. This book offers a devastating expose.
This book utilises documents from the Soviet archives conclusively proving that Stalin did not start any anti-Jewish persecution before his assassination. Stalin only turned against World Jewish Supremacy in 1952 after he felt duped when he created and defended Israel through four years of UN arms embargo, supplied Mig fighters to fight the Americans in Korea, then had the Internatioanl Jewry and their Jewish-Marxist state of Israel [Mapai party] turn down the USSR and switch sides to the UK. Seven years after WW II, in 1952 Stalin turned against world Jewry, over Israel.

Was Stalin Perecuting the Innocent Jews?: Materials for a School Research Paper

Gennady Kostyrchenko, concluded that there is no credible evidence for the alleged deportation plans, and there is much evidence against their existence.

Deportation - mystification by Gennady Kostyrchenko, the Russian Jewish magazine Lechaim

Jews say that Stalin didn't persecute the Jews, so why should the Goyim repeat the lies? To discredit Whites? After 1952, Stalin's regime removed a few individuals from certain positions, individuals which happened to be Jews, but there is no document specifically targetting Jews at any period in Soviet history. Selected staff reductions, of individuals who happened to be Jewish, it can be argued, was to keep the public anti-semitism down, and was in fact recommended by Jewish international banker handlers, such as Armand Hammer.

Stalin and Armand Hammer
The above internet resource by Sheppard and Whittle, two British nationals now in prision for publishing the truth.
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10-21-2013, 11:27 AM
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RE: Stalin was Pro-Jew
Sudaplatov is plural, it was both Pavel and Anatoli Sudoplatov.

[Image: 51CSBP208PL._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-stic..._OU01_.jpg]

Special Tasks
Anatoli and Pavel Sudoplatov
Back Bay Books, 1995
ISBN-13: 978-0316821155

Quote:Editorial Reviews

From Publishers Weekly
Sudoplatov, a former intelligence official during the Stalin era, presents an updated version of his controversial memoir.

Copyright 1995 Reed Business Information, Inc.

From Booklist

This secret policeman's memoir contains explosive material. The atomic bomb secrets were betrayed not by the Rosenbergs but by none other than Robert Oppenheimer and Enrico Fermi. The motivations of octogenarian Sudoplatov, who managed the Soviet nuclear intelligence effort, in choosing to divulge this information now are less important than the news about the services he performed for Stalin and the damage he inflicted on the West. A skilled operative and admitted murderer--whose assassination in 1938 of a Ukrainian nationalist was rewarded by Stalin with his personal summons and then his direct order to liquidate Trotsky--Sudoplatov coldly records killing as a method of rule. The Kremlin intrigues he details will inspire major historical revision, damning, particularly, Khrushchev (here fingered on a few homicides) and, yet again, Beria. Sudoplatov's insights into the Kremlin's intrigues of the 1940s and 1950s, combined with the inevitable reappraisal of the Oppenheimer cause celebre (when the physicist was branded a security risk), are astonishing evidence of secret influences in the domestic politics of both the U.S. and the USSR. Espionage buffs and historians mulling recent NKVD/KGB disclosures (e.g., Tsarev and Costello's Deadly Illusions ) here have their most sensational allegations to date.

Gilbert Taylor

Claims are made by sources. Whether we chose to believe a certain source is up to our judgement. Sudoplatov cites inner party sources, which is more credible than an anonymous person on the internet denying Beria was a Jew. When a Jew denies that a criminal is Jewish, but other close sources state that the criminal in question is a Jew or part-Jew, then a judgement can be made. A common tactic among Jews will be they will find a Rabbi who will deny that Lenin or Marx ever attended synagogue on a regular enough basis to qualify to be a real Jew. Jews do kill Jews. Kaplan shot Lenin. So Trotsky's death could easily have been ordered by a fellow Jew.

What we do know is that Beria and Stalin both felt more comfortable with Jews than with Whites. That alone should tell us just how Jewish or part-Jewish their genetics and race was. Beria and Stalin were both non-Russians.
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04-13-2014, 01:20 AM
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RE: Stalin was Pro-Jew
It is an honour to be posting on the same thread as you. From your former archives:

And why, we might add, if Stalin was so all-encompassingly hateful of Jews, did he entrust his life to a Jewish bodyguard, Matyas Rakoszy? [VAKSBERG, p. 40]

[Image: d3ff225b9da0971b5a497110.L._SL500_AA300_.jpg]

Stalin Against The Jews
Arkady Vaksberg (Author), Antonina Bouis (Author)
Hardcover: 308 pages
Publisher: Knopf; 1st edition, April 5, 1994
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0679422072
ISBN-13: 978-0679422075

TR 2/2004: D. Michaels: Stalin against the Jews - "Criminals in White Coats". Stalin Against The Jews (9780679422075): Arkady Vaksberg, Antonina Bouis: Books
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