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Vietnamese brought into East Germany by the Soviet Communists - Euro Historian - 05-17-2014 07:28 PM

Vietnamese brought into East Germany by the Soviet Communists:

[Image: Bundesarchiv_Bild_183-1989-1215-004,_Erf...iterin.jpg]

Because 22 million White Europeans and Russians were exterminated by the Jewish Marxist Soviet Union after WW II.

At the time of reunification West Germany had 33,000 Vietnamese. East Germany had 59,000 Vietnamese. The Communist side had nearly TWICE AS MANY VIETNAMESE as the non-Communist side.

Read it yourself: http://www.whiteheritage.org/ratethread.php?tid=100&rating=3&my_post_key=f26656e293d81a40cc2df383de669538

West Germany
The Vietnamese community in West Germany consists of refugees from the Vietnam War. The first of the boat people who fled the country after the fall of Saigon, consisting of 208 families totalling 640 individuals who had fled on board the Hai Hong, arrived in Hanover on 3 December 1978 by plane. None spoke German.[6] Several factors aided their social and economic integration into German society. They received official aid in the form of social benefits and job placement assistance, as well as broader societal support for their successful adaptation to German life. Further, unlike other migrant groups, they knew that they had no option to return to their country of origin if they failed in their adopted land. They spread out through a variety of economic sectors, but were somewhat concentrated in the metal industry.[7] By the eve of German reunification, West Germany had roughly 33,000 Vietnamese immigrants, largely consisting of boat people and their relatives who were admitted under family reunification schemes.[8]

East Germany

East Germany began to invite North Vietnamese students to attend study and training programmes there as early as the 1950s; cooperation expanded in 1973, when they pledged to train a further 10,000 Vietnamese citizens in the following ten years. In 1980, they signed an agreement with the reunified Socialist Republic of Vietnam for enterprises in East Germany to provide training to Vietnamese; between 1987 and 1989.[3] The East German government viewed industrial trainee programmes not just as a means to increase the labour supply to local industry, but also as development aid to the poorer members of the socialist bloc.[7] By the mid-1980s, Vietnamese, along with Mozambicans, comprised the main groups of foreign labourers in the GDR.[9] From a population of just 2,482 in 1980, the number of Vietnamese residents of East Germany grew to 59,053 by 1989


[Image: Bundesarchiv_Bild_183-1989-1215-003%2C_E...3%A4ch.jpg]

Multicultural Marxist East Germany.

[Image: 381px-Bundesarchiv_Bild_183-1990-0702-00...er_DDR.jpg]

Immigration of Asians into White nations is Marxist to the core.

RE: Vietnamese brought into East Germany by the Soviet Communists - UkrainianBlood - 09-26-2015 02:24 AM

This is why we in Eastern Europe fight immigration hard, we seen it before. But White Nationalists in the West don't know about Communist immigration during Soviet times.