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i do that too wait until the last minute to take out pins and then they are so hard to get out under my presser foot a large quilt i would probably do bothspray lightly and then also put some pins in itjust because you are going to be quilting it for awhile and moving it around a lot under the machine and smooshing it through, hi everyone im maria wallin from not only quilts and im super excited to be sharing my second tutorial here on moda bakeshop this time ill be showing you how to make my favorite kind of rag quilt its made a little bit different from other rag quilts and its so much quicker to make as this quilt uses brushed cotton or flannel as batting as well as backing are you ready to get started first you must determine the size of rag quilt that you would like i like my rag quilts to be more the size of a throw this is a perfect size for snuggling up with on a cold winters night or laying out in the yard on a summers day mine rag quilt was 42 x 60 when finished i started out by making a chart similar to the one below the chart below is a sample chart , for christmas i made my 3 year old daughter a rag quilt for her bed and in my very imperfect fashion i left it a little late like um oh, my favorite post from 2012 is my diy king size rag quilt as i reflect on 2012 and launch into 2013 i wanted to repost this to share with my new readers, i made it with a jelly roll yesterdaycalling it my mothers day quilti saw that the strips were 2 instead of 25 and said no way am i doing all that trimming so i used 21 strips total instead of 27 which is almost the same finished dimensions and now i have 20 strips left that i can make another quilt flannel rag quilt back to make my motherinlaw is a phenomenal quilter and one day she whipped up a beautiful rag quilt for us she can make a rag quilt in her sleep, after offering this original rag quilt tutorial a few years back i had soooo many people ask if i could just make a quilt for them soim keeping the tutorial available for those who wish to sew up their own but for those who want the hard work done for them id it if youd visit the shop and consider ordering one for yourself or as a gift for someone you love, update i recently wrote a more comprehensive tutorial for how to make a rag quilt including lots of fabric ideas dont miss it my kids love rag quilts and this is the best one ive made yet at least according to them i wrote last saturday that they had it on a rotating schedule so everyone , rag quilts are the latest trend in quilting they are a quick fun and unique type of quilt that offers a refreshing break from traditional quilting

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