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democratic presidential candidate julian castro knocked 2020 rival sen bernie sanders of vermont over his positions that could be costly to american taxpayers on sunday saying the solution , washington julian castro a former obama cabinet member and san antonio mayor officially threw his hat in the ring on saturday announcing he would run for president on a stage with his castro who is mexicanamerican made the announcement in san antonio his hometown and the city where he served as mayor for five years he spoke in plaza guadalupe an outdoor venue in the city , julian castro is a former us secretary of housing and urban development who served during the obama administration from 2014 to 2017 castro announced that he was running for president of the united states on january 12 2019 he said he achieved universal preschool in san antonio during his time as mayor and would do the same nationally, democratic presidential candidate julián castro said sunday that should former starbucks ceo howard schultz run for president as an independent he would give president donald trump the best , julian castro isnt ruling out direct payments to africanamericans for the legacy of slavery a stand separating him from his 2020 rivals for the democratic presidential nomination julián castro for president if we want to see change we dont wait for it we work toward it today more than ever we must work together to build an america where everyoneno matter who we are or where we come fromcan thrive, in 2001 castro was elected to the san antonio city council winning 61 percent of the vote against five challengersat age 26 he was the youngest city councilman in san antonio history surpassing henry cisneros who won his council seat in 1975 at age 27castro represented district 7 a precinct on the citys west side with 115000 residents, synopsis julian castro was born on september 16 1974 along with his twin brother in san antonio texas where his family has lived since the 1920s, julián castro was born one minute before his identical twin brother joaquin in san antonio texas in 1974 his mother maria was a chicana political activist whom castro has credited for

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