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there is a historical truth about the american economy it is deep wide and resilient managed economies or communism by contrast may work for a period of time due to favorable economic winds, get the latest breaking news across the us on after a year in washington kamala harris has proved she doesnt back down from a fight how far can the star senator go, kamala harris has matched every one of her progressive achievements with conservative ones while most harrissupporting liberals wouldnt go this far there is deep suspicion among some democrats that opposition to harris is motivated by similarly lessthannoble motives namely that its , critical news headlines end of the age 1 the time has arrived when men must be told again of the whole nature of god as his judgment is close upon all sinners, articles blog posts by thomas lifson trumps shutdown trap media narrative fail majority of americans now believe mueller probe being used to delegitimize trumps election kamala harris was born on october 20 1964 in oakland california to a tamil indian mother and a jamaican father her mother shyamala gopalan harris was a breast cancer scientist who immigrated to the us from madras now chennai in 1960 her father donald harris is a stanford university economics professor who emigrated from jamaica in 1961 for graduate study in economics at university , andrew based on that you assumed he has a lot euro admixture look im not saying youre because i dont know how mixed he is however when it comes down to mgms you could get all the traits from you different bloodlines and still be majority african ive seen other peoples dna results so you cant base it on his outside appearance, kamala harris office refused white house call over scotus we want nothing to do with you, sen kamala harris california democrat ignited fireworks on social media by stating in a fourth of july tweet that the declaration of independence was signed by eight immigrants a

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